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Our Li'l Tykes get li'l bunnies of their own!

Thanks to our friends at Quiver Farm, Li'l Tykes is fostering a beautiful bunny family of a mama and her 4 little baby bunnies! These Dutch bunnies will be with us for 30 days, moving between classrooms for all of our students to take care of  and watch them grow. Tater Tot (mom) had her newborn babies at the farm on March 10th, and moved to our center March 19th to help teach our students the values of responsibility and caring for animals.

Every child participates in caring for the bunnies! Even the baby room gets some bunny time...their soft fur is great for sensory development! We are so grateful to our parents and staff for supporting our fundraising efforts to have and care for our bunnies!  Stay tuned and follow our new Li'l Tyke family members and their progress in our next blog update!

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