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Our Philosophy

Teachers who love teaching, teach children to love learning.

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Sunflower Room
(6 weeks - 13 months)

Sweet Pea Room
(1 - 2 years)

Dragon Lily Room
(3 - 4 years)

Our babies are cared for by friendly, enthusiastic and responsive caregivers in a calm, soothing environment. We are focused on keeping your baby happy, engaged and secure. We personalize care for each infant based on his or her unique schedule, nutritional guidelines and any other special attention he/she requires. Warm and nurturing interactions with caregivers, individualized attention and experiences, and meaningful partnerships with parents are cornerstones of our infant room program. Our infants are provided with an abundance of sensory and gross motor experiences as they move through the many stages of development. 

Morning Glory Room 
(2 - 3 years)

Nursery School

Our Toddler Program is designed to adapt to each individual child's age and development. Experienced teachers promote emotional, physical, social and intellectual development in a fun, engaging learning environment. This nurturing environment provides the structure that allows your child to grow and learn while feeling safe and comfortable. Children are given daily opportunities to explore and learn through age appropriate toys and projects. The children are encouraged to try to use their words to express their needs and wants. The activities in the Young Toddler classroom are developed to create learning experiences and social experiences through play, projects and activities. Through the guidance of our knowledgeable staff, toddlers enjoy learning experiences that promote their independence, social skills and foster self-confidence.

Kids Drawing
Drawing & Coloring

Daisy Room 
(4 - 5 years)

Nursery School

Your child will gain independence while getting ready for the transition to kindergarten with a structured learning environment as a part of our Pre-K Program. Our passionate teachers will partner with you during this special time making their last year of Preschool the best it can be. Our Pre-K program helps children advance skills in core academic areas such as literacy, writing, mathematics and science, as well as in other essential areas such as art and creative play, social and emotional well-being, and health and wellness. Our child-centered approach ensures that children are exposed to a diverse array of learning activities and that they thrive in all areas of child development. Our goal is to provide your child with the tools and environment that will pave the road to a lifetime love of learning.

About Us: Programs

Two and three year olds are full of curiosity and wonder.  Play is their daily work.  Guiding that play is the aim for our Potty Trainer Classroom . We strive to promote positive lessons for social interaction and healthy development. The Potty Trainer Classroom introduces children to a more structured learning environment which focuses on fostering self confidence, independence, and appropriate peer interactions. Activities are varied, stimulating and fun. We plan age appropriate activities that focus on a child's developmental capabilities and interests. Social and behavioral milestones are an integral part of our curriculum. Children learn to exhibit self-control and express a wide range of emotions verbally. They demonstrate increasing independence through learning to dress themselves, share toys and accomplish potty training. Our policy on potty training is built on encouraging each child to try the potty and move forward at whatever pace they are comfortable with.

Nursery School

As Preschoolers  gain more self-esteem, they feel ready to take on the world. Our Preschool Program enhances that confidence by providing activities to stimulate your child's growing mind with an emphasis on fun! Through independent exploration, structured activities and hands-on learning, children develop a variety of skills and knowledge in areas such as early literacy, writing skills, mathematics, science and social skills. The Preschool Program also focuses on behavior and social and emotional development. The children learn to separate easily from parents, respect one another, transition easily between activities, sit quietly during circle time and take turns willingly. Through a mixture of guided lessons and creative play, your child will be provided with the foundation that is necessary for later learning.

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